Lake Oswego Youth Lacrosse

90 Minute Practice Plan


Key Concepts:


  1. Have a plan and follow it.
  2. No drill over 15 minutes.
  3. Focus on drills that simulate the game, with high reps/lots of touches
  4. Practice what happens all the time (e.g. passing and catching) and add the little things (e.g. riding, defensive clears, faceoffs)
  5. Tell the players why they are working on the drills at hand.
  6. Split your team into smaller elements.
  7. Positive energy, this is a growth process.


0-5—Coach Review and Practice Explanation

5-10—Set up  (Start early if you’re ready.)

10-25—Drill #1 –Half the team w/3 man 2 balls and half the team w/ Ground Ball Crease Scramble

25-40—Drill #2—Switch halves:  3 man 2 balls and Ground Ball Crease Scramble

40-55—Drill #3—Star Drill.  Whole team.  Make two-three stars out of players available.

55-60—Break (use this time to BRIEFLY talk to players) .  Review with players how “man ball” works and why it is used.  Tell them that it will be used in the next drill.

60-75—Drill #4—2v1 Roanoke Drill.  Whole team.  Split team in half and run on both goals.

75-90—Drill #5—Numbers, focus on forcing players to pass quickly and on defense moving their feet.  Run with larger groups.


End a few minutes early to review the day’s practice and ask players what they learned.


Print Practice Plan

that can be Filled Out

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